To get the school license:

In Kompot

In sroyong

in Sorndan


Get the church worship permission

in Phoum Pheak

in Srasrong

in Prey Salaov

In Sroyong

For the church to have proper administrative system.



Event Planning for 

Bible Camp For Children 4 Time/year budget for events

Youth Seminar 3 times/ year

Adult Seminar 4 times/ year

Christmas for youth

Christmas for adult

Christmas for Children

Thank giving 1 time/year

Easter 1 time/year

Baptism 4times/year

Lord supper monthly

Small group weekly

Prayer meeting weekly

Family retreat and Fellowship

Leader Retreat 2times /year

Sunday School teachers training Monthly (CEF)

SRM members Fellowship monthly every fourth week at the end of the month.

Leadership Prayer meeting weekly

Leadership meeting work report monthly

Leadership work update meeting or seminary every 3 months= 4 time /year

Leadership meeting 6 month period

AnnualSiem Reap Ministry report and conference.

GCI of Teacher bible study and evangelism.

School Teacher teaching technical meeting.

Parent meeting monthly.

Youth fellowship weekly and small for youth

Sunday school teacher 's parent care and evangelism

Local house in the village that allow us to open the Sunday Clubs visiting and meeting for warm

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